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Electrical Services

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There are different electrical services and components which the company works with as well. These components are not that uncommon, however require qualified professionals for its operation. These services are majorly monitored by an electrical engineer during its installation. Tendel provides the top-notch electrical services and components that are of impeccable quality. The company focuses on the following electrical services and components:

  1. Smart Street Lights

This is a component for the implementation of Smart City. They are LED based street lights which have motion sensors and adjustable illumination levels. When a pedestrian or vehicle comes near the light, the motion sensors detect it and increase the illumination level when they are near and automatically decrease when there is nobody around. As a result, it saves a lot of electricity consumption. These components are tricky to install, as motion sensors are placed there as well. Tendel helps with the installation of these devices unto the light poles. They also help it to link with the IoT network as well. 

  1. Network Components

Network components are the basic hardware used to set up a network. These components are basic devices that are used as a medium to either transmit data, or help in managing the networks. Tendel provides good quality network components like switches, hubs, router, cables, etc. The company not only sells them, but will also help in setting up these components to start or initiate the network.

  1. Smart Electricity Meter

Another component of Smart City, as well as Smart homes, this advanced electricity meter is an advanced electricity meter. With the help of this smart electricity meter, you can know about the overall consumption of electricity in your household without manually going to the meter and calculating the units. This highly convenient electricity meter will automatically update the electricity consumption of your household to its central server, which then will update you about the due amount of the electricity consumption. Not only that, you can also pay your electricity bill through your phone with the help of this smart electricity meter. Tendel provides these smart meters at an affordable price and will also help you set it up at your households.