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Internet of Things (IOT)

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interlinked devices which are provided with unique identifiers and are given permission to share data with the other connected devices. The devices are all connected in a cluster of networks and the data that they share are savein in a cloud. The concept of IoT is to create convenience and ease of usage for companies, industries, etc. With the help of IoT, you can maximize productivity, and efficiency as machines work in a unison as a single large device. It is well known that machines produce better efficiency than humans. So, with IoT, your productivity and efficiency will maximize, along with optimum usage of the resources.  Tendel provides top-notch IoT implementation services. The service includes designing the network infrastructure, installing and operating the necessary hardware components and maintenance of the network and its components. 

There are three major sectors where the Internet of Things can be implemented. These sectors are as follows:

  1. Smart City Network

The concept of Smart City is emerging as more and more countries adopt this futuristic ideology. Smart City is an urban residence area which uses the concept of IoT and other smart city components to collect data and use it to analyze and make proper use of available resources like electricity, drinking water, etc. Components like Smart  Street Lights, Smart Electricity Meter, Smart Home Security, Smart home conditioning, etc helps ease day to day life for the people residing there. Not only does it make it more convenient, it also inadvertently helps to save money by optimum resource usage. Tendel provides all the necessary services to implement a fully functional Smart Services, including the design of the IoT that is to be used as well as the Smart City Components. All the installation and implementation services are provided by the company.

  1. Home Automation

Home Automation is the smaller version of Smart City. Also known as Smart Home, this also uses IoT like the Smart City, but on a smaller scale. By Using IoT components for smart homes like Smart Electricity Meter, Smart Air Conditioning, Smart Heater, etc. we can create a hassle-free  and convenient environment where we control everything with the touch of a button. Better yet, with devices like Google Home, and Alexa, we can just speak and turn on the AC, heater, or even pay out electricity bills. It is that convenient! Tendel covers full responsibility of the Smart Home implementation if you wish to live in a futuristic home. Just contact us, and we will take care of all the work for you!

  1. Enterprise Network

The Internet of Things has the potential to forever change how the industrial sector works. The IoT works collectively to gather information and data for further data analysis which will help to make big decisions for the betterment of the company. Implementing IoT in your company will mean the utmost boost of efficiency, and productivity. Your cost efficiency will also skyrocket. Many enterprises like healthcare, education, holpitality, etc can adopt and greatly benefit from the IoT. Imagine a restaurant where the waiters will never mess up your order; because they didn’t take them! Imagine public transport so convenient that you can pay through your phone, and get where you want! The potential is limitless! Tendel strives towards the revolutionization of the industrial sector with the help of IoT. We will give out best towards designing and implementing the best version of IoT for your company!