About Smarten Technologies

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Smarten Technologies was founded by a group of qualified and enthusiastic professionals with the intention to provide all types of services in electrical, electronics, telecommunication, civil engineering, hydropower electricity, Information & Technology (IT) sectors to cope up with the modern world of Information Technology with a mission to provide accelerated, sustainable business growth for its clients through the development and implementation of innovative marketing strategies.


We are registered under the Companies Act, 2006 on 26th July 2018 and recognized by the Government of Nepal (GON). It is dedicated to providing world-class state-of-art technology services to its customers on-demand at competitive prices, contributing to the growth of the country's economy.


SMARTEN is a professionally managed group and well equipped for working in projects related to the national hydropower, telecommunications (like FTTA, FTTX, AMI Implementation) and construction along with necessary training, consultancy, and marketing services of various engineering products. We provide a complete solution for survey, site acquisition, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of all processes regarding Information & Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures including power solution and civil work in the field of telecommunications and its infrastructure. Improving skills of the personnel and increasing incomparable services to the relevant fields through the use of technology will play a critical role in shaping the future of communication in our country and SMARTEN is committed to providing top-notch services that meet and exceed those goals. In a short period of time, it has recorded successful completion on its mission.





Today's organizations are asked by stakeholders to improve business performance, minimize costs, reduce risks, and enhance revenue. Performance may not be meeting business requirements. Risks may not be appropriately managed. Support functions can be seen as inhibitors to growth.


By looking with clients at a range of business areas including their internal processes, sourcing, third party contracts, and intellectual property, Smarten Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Works can advise on which areas of company performance can be managed to streamline the process, enhance control, and contain costs and business risks.


Organizations have a range of options to help them manage performance including process and control redesign, shared services models, and outsourcing. Our teams can help clients develop the necessary information relating to the customer, product, and/or business line costs and profitability - helping to manage the risk associated with critical business decisions.


Mission: SMARTEN seeks to become one of the leading FTTA, FTTX, and AMI Implementation service providers and maintain the highest quality of service in-country. We strive to be the preferred partner to our customers by providing appropriate, innovative, world-class, independent, reliable, affordable, cost-effective solutions, and services.


Vision: We at SMARTEN have the vision of becoming a customer-focused company and to be a leading company in the field of where we are in, provide Quality services to the full satisfaction of our customers and partners. We thus bring up ourselves, not only as a profit-oriented company but also as a company that develops an expert team that can be used in the development of the society, community, and a nation.


Goals: The future is unfolding around us. Over the next decade, we will be able to see all sorts of differences that we can barely imagine today. SMARTEN will match up with the differences, to fulfill customer business growth and contribute in the FTTA, FTTX and AMI Implementation sector for the timely and economical achievement of the projects by taking a proactive approach in fulfilling the demand and need of the customer as well as positioning itself for expected future increase in business volumes.


SMARTEN will give its full knowledge and team effort in achieving the target within time-bound. We will aim to achieve the aims mentioned:

1.     Reliable and cooperative partner for the betterment and timely fulfillment of the project.

2.     Using team effort for completion of tasks.

3.     Encourage an individual for the teamwork and produce the best from them.

4.     Proper planning and implementation of plans to avoid obstacles in projects.

Values: SMARTEN seeks to be a value-driven organization. These values continue to direct the organization's growth and businesses. The five core values underpinning the way we do business are:


1) Integrity: We conduct the business fairly, with honesty and transparency.


2) Understanding: We care, show respect, compassion, and humanity to our colleagues and customers, and always work for the benefit of the communities we serve.


3) Excellence: We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of service we provide.

4) Unity: We work cohesively with our colleagues, customers, and partners, building good relationships based on tolerance, understanding, and mutual cooperation.


5) Responsibility: We take the responsibility to achieve the targeted goals following the environment and safety standards governed by law.

SMARTEN believes that human capital is the key to success in today's business environment. The company's highly specialized and experienced employees are pivotal in achieving the company's strategic policy. We offer a fast-paced, success-oriented, and rewarding environment fueled by the talent and skill of its people.

The management team is comprised of professionals who are bringing with them in-depth knowledge of telecommunication. The management team has a sound knowledge of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the efforts of company members and of using all company resources to achieve stated company goals. A managing director is the head of the administration and takes the major decisions for the company. Directors and managers have the necessary practical business experience in managing these key business areas. We employ diverse, experienced management executives, and consultants who understand the industry of our clients, related industry issues, and have an in-depth understanding of business applications. We have a participatory type of management and we are dedicated to keeping a smooth environment between our employees.


They help officers with their work done. Technicians are the main employees who directly involve their selves at works. We have experienced a set of technicians molded themselves with the fine art of works.


Teams available:

Site Acquisition: 3 teams


Sites Survey: 6 teams


BTS and Microwave installation: 5 teams


Operation and maintenance: 4 teams


Civil team : 3 teams


BSC, IGW works  : 3 teams


Radio networks and optimization: 5 teams




Project Manager: 2 Nos.


Acquisition Manager: 2 Nos.


Civil Engineer: 3 Nos.


Commissioning Engineer: 4 Nos.


Maintenance Engineer: 4 Nos.


Technicians: 25 Nos.


Workers:  As required

SMARTEN possess teams working in these sectors for more than half decade. Above-mentioned projects scope of work has been specialty of the team. Expertise ideas lead the teamwork and accomplish the task with quality and smoothness.


We keep the motto of "Deliver in time with quality". Allocating different teams for completion of different projects helps in achieving the target within time limit. In order of achieving these we seek to govern the teams with experts from the respective fields.


SMARTEN has a centralized as well as decentralized model of executing the task. The core management of SMARTEN operates from center and as per the requirement of the business we operate from the region as well. The central team plans and monitors the business need and the regional team in cooperation with the central team executes the task. This model of our business helps in proper evaluation, monitoring and completion of the task in time.

SMARTEN is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all our staff, customers and the general public.

·      We, as a company, have made detailed arrangements for the implementation of our Health & Safety Policy as below:

·      To comply with relevant local and international health and safety legislation.

·      To set and maintain high standards of construction and installation safety.

·      To identify hazards, assess risks and implement control procedures

·      To ensure that staff, customers and visitors are adequately informed of risks, and where appropriate, receive instruction, training and supervision.

·      To document and review risk assessments

·      To implement this policy through codes of practice, schedules, guidance notes and training

·      To safeguard the environment from the effects of SMARTEN ’s service activities

·      To monitor and review the effectiveness of controls

·      To ensure the provision of a trained health and safety coordinator having adequate time, resources and facilities to carry out their responsibilities

·      To ensure that all sites conform to local and international standards

·      To ensure that all personnel are issued with the necessary safety resources, such as Personal Protective Equipment and receive appropriate training in order to carry out their functions safely.

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services are targeted ‘Total Care’ solutions, that is, complete maintenance management responsibility for our client’s communication systems on a 24X7 basis. Our superior management, experienced resources and fast, flexible response to changing and challenging circumstances ensure that client’s network operates continuously and reliably.

As a company we have an experienced project management team which can manage all the activity of a given project. Our teams are project-specific and are well trained in specific skills required for O&M in the telecom industry.

Our services:

  • Maintenance of cell sites to ensure minimum downtime and within the SLAs specified by the customer.
  • Collection and timely payment of electricity bills along with TDS service management.
  • Filling of diesel in DGs.
  • Back up mobile DGs in case of DG failure.
  • Preventive, Corrective and Routine maintenance of DG sets, ACs and Electrical/Utility equipment e.g., Power Interface Units (PIU), Panels, Shelters, Fence, Tower Earth Pit, Rectifiers, Batteries and Bus Bar, Electrical Protection Devices, Air Conditioners, RF and Electrical Cables, etc
  • Proper cleanliness, upkeep, and housekeeping at telecom sites.
  • Pre-Monsoon Activities.
  • Scheduling & Implementation of Preventive, Corrective Maintenance of BTS & Transmission equipment’s
  • Verification of resolution of trouble tickets.
  • Providing logistic support for spares.
  • Supply, repair, and recovery of faulty DG parts.
  • Monitoring and Escalation of infra alarms from circle base OMCR. Periodic reporting of fault handling to NOC till resolution.
  • Supporting RF Optimization & Transmission Network Optimization.
  • TRX up-gradation and Blockage removal-report generation and performance management.

Roll-out management is a full-service project management offering. It is a stand-alone service which can be delivered independent of whoever provides the TI service. It encompasses all services necessary to manage and support the installation, commissioning, integration, and testing and acceptance of the network element components comprising a mobile telecommunications network. This service is limited to management and administration functions and does not include the TI resources necessary to satisfy implementation objectives. Services provided in this offering may, depending on the defined scope of work, include:


v Management of the customer interface for all issues pertaining to roll-out

v Planning and scheduling of site roll-out in compliance with project roll-out schedule

v Risk Management

v Equipment / materials ordering

v Inventory management

v Telecom Implementation coordination & management

v Health & safety

v Quality Assurance

v Documentation management

v Milestone reporting and update

v Purchase order / change order management

v Invoice reconciliation against purchase orders / change orders

v Cost control

v Acceptance

v Progress reporting

At a minimum the following functional areas are addressed:


Site acquisition:

We are able to offer a full suite of site acquisition services, covering the following: 

Ø  Site Surveys coordinated with radio planning

Ø  Landlord negotiations

Ø  All general permit handling including council and land board approvals

Ø  Environmental impact assessments

Ø  Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval

Ø  Ongoing management of lease agreements

Base Station Subsystem:

Our qualified technical staff carries out installation, commissioning, project management, Integration and Optimization of all major suppliers' base stations. Antenna optimization forms part of the integration and optimization process.

Civil Work:

Teams of experienced local workers are managed to construct all types of sites to specification.  Rigid quality control procedures ensure that all equipment provided to site is handed over to the client fully functioning.


SMARTEN has a group of experienced transmission engineers and certified technicians. We can install different supplier's radios and optical transmission equipment’s. We as a professional team have worked for our customers Huawei (NT & Ncell Projects), ZTE (Ncell Projects) under different organizations in the past. SMARTEN with the experienced and qualified professional is ready for providing the services within the country geographical conditions. SMARTEN can deliver projects as per our customer timelines. We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of service we provide.

Power Supply:

Certified electricians, trained on telecommunications power supply equipment such as transformers, rectifiers, batteries, standby generators, uninterruptible power supplies and all associated reticulation, ensure that power systems on site are adapted to local conditions providing stable supplies to critical equipment.

Drive Test:

SMARTEN has experienced Drive Test (DT) engineers who can accomplish the required task as per requirement of customers. Our Data Analysis Engineers will assure the network quality and recommend appropriate solution in issues area with proper documentation.


We are able to supply the following materials as per requirement by the Customers:

  • Tower, fencing, sun shed, Earthing materials, Booms and reinforcements etc.
  •  Electrical Items:  LT Panel, ACDB, Change over, YG cable, Power cable etc.

Telecom implementation (TI) is our basic project management delivery service. TI is a stand-alone service, meaning it can be purchased independently of full project management (roll-out management). It typically entails the supply of traditional BTS installation and commissioning services but may also include, depending on the project’s scope of work, telecom implementation services and RF Engineering services.

Telecom Implementation service includes the supply of a corresponding level of project management necessary to ensure service quality and delivery commitment.


Project management under this scenario is limited to scheduling and managing the day-to-day activities of the implementation teams, ensuring the delivery of services is defect-free and in accordance with customer specification, the creation and submission of relevant site documents, and the timely submission of change orders and customer invoices. Through this arrangement overall management of the project and customer interface resides with either the customer (supplier) or its designated Roll-Out Management (ROM) Company.

SMARTEN has the capability to offer detailed engineering based on customer’s functional specifications that meets the best requirements of the customers in the most economical way. Based on key strengths and skill-sets required for various phases of project execution, SMARTEN team is organized as follows:


v Projects

Ø  Development: Designing and complete planning of RF – GSM and Transmission network.

Ø  Procurement: The project implementation team enabling efficient and in time procurement

Ø  Implementation: Implementing of the solution through the various products delivering a unified solution.

Today's world is of competitive market.  The services provided are timely, efficient, economical and friendly. Adjusting the competitive and challenging market, SMARTEN targets the customer need and demand to be fulfilled in friendly and economic environment. The SMARTEN team seeks to deliver the services at defined time for reaching the goals.

SMARTEN with the experienced and qualified professional is ready for providing the services at various fields of the communication and engineering sector. The innovative idea from expert team at pressure environment accomplishes the task with greater speed.