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Smart Electricity Meters in the Kathmandu Valley

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May 12, 2020

Electricity has become an indispensable energy source for the general public. Before, electricity consumption was mainly used as a source of light and heat. However with the dawn of the digital era, electricity has become so much more. We cannot imagine a life without electricity nowadays. Thus, we are more than willing to spend our money and time for its consumption benefit. Since the establishment of the Pharping Hydropower plant in 1911, Nepal has been able to enjoy the wonders and functionality of electricity. In the current context, 95 out of 100 houses have access to electricity in the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) governs and runs the electricity distribution and maintenance in Nepal. That includes the maintenance of electricity poles, charging each household for the electricity consumption, and collecting the bills. 

The process of electricity bill payment here in Nepal was tragic to say the very least. NEA used to mobilize hundreds of its employees to each and every household of the valley to manually check the electricity meters, calculate the bills and hand it to the house owner. Then, the owners would have to go to the NEA office to pay off the bill manually. Not only was that labour-inducive, it also started to become improbable with the vast increase in population, and increase in electricity consumption. With the introduction of online transactions, it became a little convenient to pay off the bills. However, the method of having to deploy hundreds of employees to calculate and hand the electricity bill is very inconvenient. 

Thus, as a great solution to that pressing concern, NEA introduced smart electricity meters in 2017. It was planned so as to replace the old household electricity meter with the advanced smart electricity meter so as to eliminate the need for meter readers. As per the introduced plan, the NEA would replace 90,000 traditional analog meters with digital smart meters in order to improve revenue collection and control electricity leakage. 

With the implementation of these smart electricity meters, both the consumers and the electrical companies will gain a lot of benefits. As a consumer, you are more aware and informed about your monthly electricity consumption, and you will not have to bear the risk of unintentional or intentional electricity leakages. Paying the electricity bill will also become very easy. As the electricity provider, the company will save a lot of capital as they do not have to perform manual readings. Also the problem of electricity hijack or leakage will be drastically reduced. Implementation of the smart electricity meter will as  highly encourage the efficient use of the resources, and will help avoid unnecessary spending of electricity. As in all, both parties will inadvertently benefit from this implementation. 

However, there are a few setbacks that may appear with this innovative implementation of smart electricity meters. For instance, additional costs will be imposed to both the consumers as well as the electricity provider to purchase and install the meters. Also, there will be privacy concerns for the personal data collected and how it will be used. As for the electricity provider (NEA), there will be the additional cost to train personnel, develop equipment, and implement new processes for data storage. Also, they will have to make a long-term commitment to new software and technology, which can be a bit daunting. 

Advantages and disadvantages always come hand in hand. Although there are drawbacks to implementing the smart electricity meters, these drawbacks are short term. Looking at the bigger picture, using the smart electricity meter will go a long way in helping us  to save capital as well  as other resources. Usage of the smart electricity meters will come a long way in the betterment of the society. 

We at Smarten believe in the betterment of the future with technology. Smart electricity meters are the first step towards this better future. Although the progress may seem small, it will pave a new path for other developments in the field of technology. The company provides smart electricity meters that are excellent in quality and also very affordable at its price. Not only selling the components, we provide installation and maintenance service of these electricity meters. The best quality components and top notch service is guaranteed!


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